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The Michael Prince Material

Cloning is the ace in the back pocket of shadow organizations, perhaps the most heinous form 
of identity theft possible.  People tend to believe what they (think they) see, unquestioningly, and
 those that advance many nefarious agendas on this planet bank on this fact, with good reason.

Something Was Awry

I must say that I do not put much stock in (the "personage"of) Michael Princes's material published in 2013 and later.  There appears to me to be social distraction tactics involved, along with the use of clones exhibiting heavily scripted/programmed behavior, and no doubt other shenanigans of which I couldn't possibly imagine at this time.  Most notably, for me at least, there was the forewarning that convinced me the most that something had been awry with all this...


The Message

In January of 2013, for several weeks I telepathically heard what seemed like a message put on some kind of repeat broadcast, spoken in Prince's voice: "What you'll see of me, and what you'll hear of me, it's not me."  It didn't seem like it was for me personally.  The energy behind it seemed more like words one might plaster on a billboard, with hopes that passersby would read it and not just drive by not noticing...somebody, anybody.  I was puzzled at first.  If this were him, what did he mean?  At the time, there was nothing but his old material online, stuff everyone had no doubt already heard and read by then.

Only days later, in early February of 2013, Bases 23 was published.  Not long after that, for many months a host of other interviews with the Michael Prince personage began springing up online, one after another.  People familiar with Michael's previous material were utterly shocked by this new material, by "Michael's" smug display of racist, pro-Nazi, pro-transhumanism rhetoric ...all of it the very antithesis of the beliefs he so emphatically expressed just years prior.  People were shocked, but I wasn't.  I had had a telepathic head's up that that would be coming.  Looking back now, I would say that message proved to be accurate.

The "Off" Aura

Another detail I noticed at that time was that in these newer videos I could see that "his" auric field had dramatically changed.  It had always been rather "different" and complicated (for instance, it has a lot of numbers in it, due to all the "special dates" and rituals he'd been subjected to all his life; the number 22 especially has always figured prominently in his aura).  But it was of a totally different shaping, and generally of a much darker vibrational coloring than it had been before.  Most disturbing to me were the actual "beings" that I could see harbored in it, which hadn't been there before, one of which being particularly diabolical.  This was not the same person, in my estimation.

So, with all these things in mind, I am persuaded that the material of most value for research purposes remains Michael's pre-2012 interviews and writings, to which I provide links below.  The rest I believe are valuable as good examples of what mass-mind-control programming along the party line of New World Order/transhumanist agenda thinking looks like.  In that sense, yes, it is collectively instructive, good for learning "what not to do."  But beyond that, I would say the 2013+ material is but chicken feed.

Pre-2012 Michael Prince Material

  1. Bases 4 (2007?):
  2. Bases 9 (2010?):
  3. Bases 24 (2006?):
  4. Coast to Coast (2007?):
  5. Daniel Ott (2006?):
  6. Richard Hall (2011):

  1. Agent Buried Alive - pdf:
  2. Agent Buried Alive - audio:
  3. The Life and Times of Michael Prince - pdf:
  4. The Life and Times of Michael Prince - audio:
  5. MI-6 Are Lords of the Global Drug Trade:
  6. What You Ned to Know for the Future:
  7. Project Avalon Message Board Posts:

See also interviews and writings by people acquainted with Michael who appear, to me, to give an authentic sense of who Michael was, including Jan Rodrigo, Duncan "The Gridkeeper" Davies, Ellis Taylor and John Lenard Walson.


And So, the Puppet Play Will Commence

The personage of Michael Prince has become something of a cottage industry for some. For others, this personage seems to satiate a sensationalistic, fodder appetite for the droll.  I believe there will be plenty more soap operas to come, to entertain and enthrall the people, as soon "Michael" will be "getting out of jail," and all.  Folks are just chomping at the bit for this, for the games to begin (again), for the cave wall shadow play to commence after such a long, grueling intermission.  Everybody wants a piece of his pie.

I believe that by these and many other means, the powers that be have set up a convenient distraction to "glamour spell" people away from focusing on what they really need to be doing right now, which is freeing themselves from the chains of this system, and building for themselves a new world (lest the New World Order build it for them, which they are all too happy and willing to do).

But, I think the need to be entertained will have too great an addictive influence.  The alt media "pushers" will happily supply the James Casbolt Panem et Circenses "fix" so craved.  It will yield more channel clicks, which will yield more ad money, and journalistic chest thumping rights, besides.  The masses will get what they want and demand because in the end, slaves who don't know they're slaves can't fight their bondage, in this case, due to their being so entertained by and addicted to it.

I'm sorry to say all this Miles and other journalists, but I do truly believe the above to be so, and by no means any of your faults, as I believe you all are just doing your jobs best you could, given the circumstances.  I also believe, unfortunately, that each of your media platforms, via this personage, will be used to inadvertently advance the very agendas you've fought against for so many years.  Don't let ambition blind you, is perhaps key here.  Watch your backs.  Things will not be as they may seem.  Trust your intuition.  Godspeed.

In some senses, it seems Michael himself really has been buried alive by all this, and so it goes.


Blessings & peace to all.

May God keep the (true) soul of Michael, wherever it may be,
and those of his family members.

And may God help us, one and all.

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