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The Co-opting of Our Soul Technologies

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This happens a lot to my posts on the internet.  Perhaps it means that what I'm writing is accurate, or very close to it.  If you are interested in any part of the writing here or anywhere else on this blog, I suggest you copy and paste it for your records, just in case.  It's good to have back ups.  Thanks for reading.

25 October 2016


Past Lives

The uploading and downloading of memories Max speaks of is like in Matrix where they plug into Neo's reptilian brain stem (that we all have) and upload "programs" into his mind, and he would then have, say, instantly learned a new martial arts style, and so on.

A past life personality is like a "program" in this sense, and could be uploaded into someone because it's always preserved in the current life person's auric field.  One means to make this memory transfer happen is through sex magic rituals, along with technology to enhance the process.  Very nasty, archonic entities might also be involved.  This could get horrific, depending on the process used.

The Aura

The aura is an amazing technology in its own right.  It is like a database.  It holds information about every experience we've ever had, in this and previous lives, as well as lives in other timelines and densities.  With self-awareness, we could access and utilize this information.  The way I see it, this information is supposed to enhance each of our lives so that we move with more wisdom in our worlds.  I see it as a tool for personal soul growth, perhaps a deciding factor in what we choose as our life purposes in each incarnation.

We could build on this information, gain wisdom, but instead our memories get wiped with each birth.  Yet, selfish, negatively-motivated, parasitic beings could still access and utilize our auric field technology to further their agendas.  One could imagine that the soul energy of a person who has lived the kind of past lives Max has lived would be quite the invaluable loosh commodity.  Therefore, I do not believe he is dead, not by any means ...quite the contrary, unfortunately.  I believe they have further plans for him, made before he was "born."  It will take a lot of work for him to break free of this cycle.

Memory Transference

The particular memory transfer method Max speaks about here ("the nasty ritual") most likely involved a sex magic ritual, and other violence, which is probably why Max doesn't want to talk about the details.  They raise and open up our natural torsion field/orgone energy, which facilitates  info transfer, and has many other applications.

This is misuse and abuse of our natural kundalini technology.  Shane the Ruiner didn't like talking about the sex rituals he was subjected to in his life, neither did Commander Aaron McCollum, but I believe they both experienced this, too.  Most male ritual abuse victims don't talk about it.  We tend to only hear details from either female victims, or researchers.


We are in a matrix system which is like a virtual reality computer game, where 
it's a master/slave reality.  So, the masters would be those 0.01%.  They have 
kept the secrets and the cheats for themselves.  And they have left the slaves 
with amnesia, and with no understanding of what's going on.     --Max Spiers 
Source:,  @18min:08sec.

Long-term Co-opting of Our Soul Technologies

The elite ritualize these procedures so that not just anyone knows the protocols in how to utilize these technologies.  Since ancient times, occulted so-called "mysteries" were really just convenient places to hide knowledge of organic and spiritual technologies of various sorts that we innately possess due to our DNA.  They hide them in plain sight in that we're the ones that have them, but we don't know how to access nor use them.  Instead, we are put into "alter" personalities, our technologies are used by the elite parasites, then we are put back into our front personalities none the wiser. 

The elite in every age pass these guarded secrets down among themselves via "mystery schools," from generation to generation, thereby maintaining their access to our soul technologies, but also guaranteeing that the masses, whom they take advantage of, won't have access to them. These "mysteries" include truths about our past and present interactions with our star families, especially the deals made and the massive implications of those deals, which affect us in so many ways to this very day.  Our world looks the way it looks largely because of the deals made, in which we never had a say, and still don't.

I enjoyed your commentaries as you read, and I look forward to your future readings/reports. :)


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